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This afternoon [ profile] tsuj and I had an intense... discussion about the songs of folk artist Martin Sexton.

She had not heard my favorite - Angeline - and I had not heard hers - Diner. We were unable to come to agreement. So now, my loyal readers, it is up to you. Which song is the best?

Cut for embedded videos, because personally I hate when you can't figure out where that noise is coming from... )

One has crowd noise, the other has an unrelated TV show as the picture, so I think it evens out.

[Poll #1388167]

Clearly, I'm starting to need an icon for folk music. Anybody? Bueller?

ETA: Also clearly, I forgot to include an important poll option, "Gosh, LadyA, I'm so impressed you posted two embedded videos and a poll in one post!" I am, in fact, a little proud of myself for doing that.


Aug. 27th, 2008 05:06 pm
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A poll behind the cut. You know you want to click!

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A poll for your Friday.

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A deeply random poll for your Tuesday evening.

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A poll for your Thursday.

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[Poll #881687]
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Because I'm curious.

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So, I now have the new, and fabulous, queen-sized bed installed in my room. The trouble is that now the hooks where I used to hang baskets of yarn are in the wrong place. It seems they can no longer be on that wall without greatly interfering with the bed frame. The yarn is, for the moment, sitting in the kitchen, but clearly this is not a permanent solution.

Monday morning poll )
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I need more sexy music. What's your favorite album for getting in the mood? Tell me what you'd find appropriate for a romantic evening, a long sweaty night, or a hot and heavy scene.

These days, I'm really liking Portishead and Jeff Buckley for those special moments. Plus the Sexy mix of [ profile] mrpet.


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