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Have you a favorite guilty pleasure? Or, does the idea of a "guilty pleasure" seem unpleasant to you?

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Sep. 2nd, 2007 10:11 am
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So, I got the DVDs of the first season of Numb3rs out from the library last week. I watched the pilot, and thought, "Hmm. I'm not sure." I watched a few more episodes and I was hooked. I love the brokenness of the two main characters and the way they interact with each other. If our DVR wasn't so unbelievably full, I might add it to the recording list, but I'd have to dump something to do that, I think. So maybe I'll just get the next season from the library.

It's really unbelievable to me that I even have more than ONE TV show that I'm watching regularly.
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So, two popular dark urban fantasy series have been made into TV shows this year. I've been watching both and thought I'd share my thoughts on them.

The originating book series and author?
Blood Ties: The Vicki Nelson mysteries by Tanya Huff (Blood Ties, Blood Trail, Blood Lines, etc). This series stopped at six books, all of them short. Outside of this series, Tanya Huff mainly writes pure fantasy, such as Child of the Grove and Sing the Four Quarters.
Dresden Files: The Dresden Files by Jim Butcher (Storm Front, Grave Peril, Fool Moon, etc.) This series is at nine books and counting, and the quality has stayed high. This was Butcher's first and most popular series, although he has more recently tried his hand at fantasies with the Codex Alera sequence.

True to the books?
Blood Ties: So far, very. The two-hour premiere essentially covered the first novel and followed the plot very accurately. The only deviations so far have been Vicki's assistant (in the books, I don't think she has one) and a whitewashing of the queerness of one of the characters. In the series, he's a playboy and sleeps with women. In the books, one of his best friends and sex partners is a rentboy.
Dresden Files: The main character, Harry Dresden, is very true to the books. Other characters and the situations he encounters, not so much. Much of the window dressing has also been changed, such as the kind of car he drives, his familiar, his staff and wand.

The network?
Blood Ties: Airing on Lifetime. This may explain some of the show's focus on romance.
Dresden Files: Airing on Scifi. Hopefully, this will mean a long run.

The main character?
Blood Ties: Vicki Nelson, a former police officer whose deteriorating eyesight caused her to leave the force. Played by Christina Cox, who we previously saw as the nomad butch in Better Than Chocolate, the sweet dyke romance.
Dresden Files: Harry Dresden, a wizard perpetually battling the forces of darkness and his own nature. Played by Paul Blackthorne, a British actor who's apparently had recurring roles in 24 and ER.

Special effects
Blood Ties: Clearly, not a huge FX budget. The villains sometimes look a bit cheesy. However, when they show scenes from Vicki's perspective, which happens a lot, it looks really neat and makes good sense for the plot. She usually CAN'T see the Big Bad up close, so neither can you.
Dresden Files: Also not a huge budget, but they save it for the moments that count by doing a lot with subtlety, foreshadowing, and acting.

Best things about the show?
Blood Ties: The snarkiness between the main character and her two love interests. It's really fun to watch. Vicki Nelson also has more vulnerabilities than most TV heroes.
Dresden Files: The portrayal of the main character is amazing - Blackthorne represents Dresden kind of like a film noir dick, who sees people at their worst, yet still tries to stick to his own principles. He often does the right thing against his better judgement. Also, the show is funny and sexy.

Worst thing about the show?
Blood Ties: Christina Cox is a bit annoying as Vicki Nelson. She's a little too well-groomed and -proportioned.
Dresden Files: I don't like the way they've handled Dresden's female friends (Murphy and Rodriguez), although the way they've handled his love interests is just fine.

Who will this show appeal to?
Blood Ties: Fans of the book series, as well as other folks who like fantasy/romance crossovers like Laurell K. Hamilton, etc. People who like strong female protagonists.
Dresden Files: Anybody who liked Angel. Anyone who thinks a TV show with magick should still be funny and sexy without being cheesy.

Final analysis?
Blood Ties: The premiere was great, so far the stuff to follow hasn't grabbed me the same way. We'll see what develops.
Dresden Files: It's getting better over time, which is not at all common for TV. Watch it!

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Feb. 15th, 2006 06:19 pm
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So, I recently watched Kinsey, some more Highlander, and an episode and a half of 24. Right, and some CSI and some Law and Order. Oh, and the first disc of the first season of Stargate SG1. (I don't know what you were talking about, [ profile] rednikki, it's not THAT bad. Well, at least not when you compare it to Highlander.) And I've managed to catch a few episodes of The Closer.

So I've pretty much used up my yearly quota for television, and it's only February. I'm getting very bored with it. But I'll still tell you what I thought of everything.

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Also, I made myself a new icon, with help from fey artist Neena Thomas. Check it out.


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