Oct. 21st, 2005

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Last week I read Ill Met by Moonlight by Mercedes Lackey and Roberta Gellis. It was a lot like The Scepter'd Isle. A trashy Faerie book, with some court-of-England stuff. Why do fantasy authors love Henry Fitzroy so much? I've never understood that. Well, anyway - I liked the child Elizabeth as a character - she had some spunk.

I also find it interesting the way Lackey's ideas about leadership turn up in a lot of books. If you have the ability to lead, and you don't lead, then you are a Bad Person. Wanting to pursue your passions rather than leading is irresponsible. I bet she doesn't belong to Lions Club, though. Anyway, three stars.

Also, on the ten-years-later re-read, Dune was just as good as I remembered. Four and a half stars.

Finally - I tried to read Female Chauvinist Pigs by Ariel Levy.

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I think that this book is trying to be in a category with The Beauty Myth, Fast Girls, etc, but it really can't compete. Pop-journalism without any deeper themes. Two stars. (I only give a book one star if I wanted to throw it across the room.)
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Holding the cat in my arms and saying loudly "You Must Chill" seemed like a good idea at the time.

More mysteriously, he chilled out and went to eat something.


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