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On Sunday [ profile] trouble4hire and I were out near Lechmere towards the close of our date. I suggested to her that we walk back to Harvard to catch the 77 for home, and she suggested that a walk along the Charles might be nice. It was, actually, much better than nice. The sun was just starting to move towards the horizon and there was a gentle breeze from the water. We saw only a few other people and dogs during our slow, relaxing ramble. The city looked shiny and perfect across the river. I said to T, "This is how Boston looks in postcards, and you always think 'But it never really looks like that.' Except tonight it does." The sun was setting as we got to the train station for our ride home.
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I blew off doing my laundry to take a long walk. Best decision I made all week. It felt amazing to be outside without being cold or wet! I think I'm going to try to get another walk in today, although the laundry really does need to get done.
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I have been loving the nice weather recently, and how it lets me take walks.

Most of my walking recently has been a combination of "for pleasure and excercise" and "to get to where you're going." I haven't taken any pleasure-walks up the bike path recently, for example. More walks to Harvard Square or to [ profile] 7j's house. But [ profile] mrpet suggested that we walk up the Comm Ave Mall together for one of our recent dates, which was actually a really lovely time.

Last night, too, I successfully found my way back to the bus from the museum, even though I hadn't come that way as I was arriving, and it looked very different in the dark, and I hadn't printed out directions. Go me. And when I reached Harvard Square, I decided that I was Done, Just Done with public transportation for the night, so I walked home the rest of the way. My feet hurt by the end, and the shoulder I was carrying my bag on, but otherwise it felt good, and I slept really well.
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This Saturday, [ profile] mrpet asked me if I wanted to have a picnic with him at the Arnold Arboretum. "Great!" I said. "I can't wait!"

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I've walked two labyrinths in the past few weeks.

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I might be walking another labyrinth tomorrow. I'll keep you posted.

And this morning, I took a walk through the Detroit suburbs.

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So, in the past week or so I haven't Taken a Walk.

I haven't gone out for a long walk just for the purposes of walking.
However, I have been doing that other thing, where you just walk to wherever you're going. Walking to the grocery store, the library, a friend's house, wherever, with a book or cell phone in hand. When you do it intentionally, it adds up fast. I think I've probably been walking at least a half an hour a day, doing that. I walk until I feel tired and then take a bus the rest of the way. On Tuesday I walked all the way down Orchard Street to find a patch of sunlight about as big as a closet, and then stood in it until I felt revived.

Also, I like that I can use my own feet as my primary source of transportation. There's something really cool about that.

This is good conditioning for taking some longer walks, hopefully next week when the weather will be more consistent.
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Thursday I walked with [ profile] foucauldian_ho along the Minuteman Trail to Spy Pond and back again. That is still my number-one favorite local walk. It's always nice to introduce it to someone new. She particularly liked the post-apocalyptic look of that weird plaza near Alewife station.

Yesterday I took a long walk in a direction I hadn't gone before. I went down Mass Ave towards Arlington, as I frequently do, but followed Alewife Brook Parkway to the right (away from Fresh Pond). I walked around the inside of Saint Paul's Cemetery. I walked on a trail next to the brook beside Dilboy Field, possibly created by teenagers sneaking smokes. I walked until I hit the Wild Oats over on Mystic Brook Parkway. Then I walked back down Mystic Brook Parkway itself further into Arlington, along the river. I walked until I was somewhat tired, which was at the corner of MBP and River Street. I turned left onto River Street and walked across Broadway back to Mass Ave and caught the 77.

It was a lovely walk. :) Especially once I got past Broadway - before that, it was a bit smelly. It was a few hours and a few miles. And surprisingly, my allergies didn't kill me, so that's good too.

I'm trying to work up to walking every day. At this point, a long walk every few days is about as much as my body is willing to do, but if I keep doing that consistently, I will start getting back into shape. So, Wednesday will probably be when I am ready for another one - conveniently, I have one planned with [ profile] ceelove and her adorable babe.

Sometime in the next few weeks, I'm interested in checking out Mount Pleasant Cemetery in Arlington, and it's been a while since I visited Mount Auburn too. It's a nice time of year to visit cemeteries - the grass and flowers growing and the birds chirping is a good balance for the overwhelming yin of their energy.
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So, yesterday I took a long walk with [ profile] moominmolly and Princess N. I had been trying to make it as far as Fresh Pond for a while, forgetting, I suppose, that it is a fairly long walk for me even when I'm in peak condition. We went further than that - we walked to the pond and around it - but were fairly tired while walking back to Davis from the pond. Eventually, we decided to get a bus. (The 83 was Princess N's first bus ride, and she was fascinated.) But the walk overall was about three hours. No wonder I wasn't managing to do it on my own while I was trying to build my strength up again. And no wonder I was tired last night. I wish I was having more of that surge of energy that I often get the day after a long walk, where I feel I could do it again Right Now, but you can't have everything, and I'm still really happy I managed to do it.

I also got through all of this walking without Claritin. I did a Claritin-free day so that the effectiveness would be refreshed. I only took two Benadryls. Not bad. Hopefully soon the tree pollen will be done, and I'll be feeling better.


Mar. 18th, 2006 11:01 pm
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Today I walked to, around, and from a nearby cemetery. I forget how much I enjoy cemeteries. They're so peaceful. I need to find some better ones, though. The one closest to my house is a Catholic cemetary, and it's so overwhelmingly Christian that it feels a little weird. It's as if I'm intruding where I know I don't belong, even though I'm pretty sure the dead folks don't mind.

Does anybody have favorite cemetaries in the Camberville area? They should be on a bus line, I guess. And yes, I know about Mount Auburn and Forest Hills, and will be visiting them once the weather is a little nicer.

I took a short walk later in the afternoon, too, when it was a bit less windy. I'm so glad that spring is coming, and I'm looking forward to it being warm enough to walk enjoyably every day.
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Last night I walked from Central to Harvard, and today I walked from my house to Spy Pond. It was so warm, I had to tie my jacket around my waist for the first half of the walk, and that was just such a treat.

It's one of my favorite walks, especially in nice weather. I enjoyed the hell out of the sunshine. I sat on a park bench with a couple of delightful old ladies for a while. I petted a very friendly basset hound named Daisy vigorously and for several minutes - she licked my hands joyfully and her owner actually thanked me. I sat in the arms of my cradle tree for a while and watched the geese catching fish. And then I came home.

This weekend, I have an expedition planned to Iggy's Bagels. On Monday, I'm planning to try walking to AND from the pond. Yay! I hope the weather stays this nice, because it's just a delight to be outside right now. Spring in New England really makes up for the winter, if only because we want it so much.
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Today, I decided to walk to Harvard Square to have lunch with a sweetie and run a few errands. At the time I made the decision, it was alternating rain and snow. However, it cleared up wonderfully and was actually warm enough I wished I had worn a lighter jacket. Neat! This is really different from last January. I hope we'll keep having nice weather like this for Arisia.

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In which I talk about recent walks and show off my new icon...

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This weekend I also picked up some cheap and warm pants from Target to go walking in. They're Champion microfiber pants. Hopefully they'll be super-toasty.

Lastly, check out this cool website of quotes on walking:
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These pictures were taken around Spy Pond, which is probably my favorite part of my walk.

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Now it's time to get out and enjoy the gorgeous weather. The other day, I walked around Fresh Pond - I may do that again today, with or without the camera.
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From the pond to the park.

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Pictures taken on the bike path near Alewife.

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Here's the second set of pictures, taken from Mass Ave to Alewife.

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Here's my first set of walking pictures. The next few posts are image-heavy, so don't be surprised. I will, of course, put them behind the cut.

Another thing to keep in mind is that I'm not a serious amateur photographer, let alone a professional. I like taking pictures, and that's about it. I'm not really looking for constructive criticism - these are for enjoyment purposes only.

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Apparently there's a significant amount of interest in my walks, and especially my taking pictures of my walks. I am happy to write more about them. I wrote yesterday that I could start a filter on walking, but I don't need that to be private - it seems kind of silly. I would rather write about my nice walks where everyone can see.

So, on the other side of the coin - is there anyone who objects to my writing about my walking unfiltered?

Anyhow, for now, I'll write about yesterday's walk behind the cut.

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