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The same day my beloved [ profile] trouble4hire took workout pics of me, she also took pictures of the fantastic Pretty Fucking Princess doll [ profile] teratomarty made me.

I know you've been dying to see pictures. The wait is finally over!

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Look, it's an MRI of a migraine. It feels more accurate to me than the many symbolic cartoons I have seen of people being hit on the head with hammers or squeezed in vises and things.

And this is a picture that [ profile] trouble4hire took of Her Royal Highness. Here is the dialogue that accompanied this:

T: I wish Suzu would get in that box. Box, Suzu! Box!
(After a few minutes, Suzuki is standing half in and half out of the box.)
T: Goooood girrrrl! Good girl! Hee hee hee! *pet pet*
Me: Would you like it better if she laid down in the box?
T: *chortling* Oh, yes, that would be awesome!
Me: Settle down, Suzu. Settle down.
(Suzu lies down in the box.)
Me: Good girl, Suzu. What a good girl. *pet pet*
T claps and chortles. Suzu puts her paw over her face, and with a world-weary sigh, goes to sleep. T squeaks, then tiptoes very carefully, yet speedily out of the room and comes back with her cell phone.

And thus we have this picture to show you.

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So, as I wrote, on Sunday morning, I finished the vest I had been making for [ profile] 7j for several months.
Apparently, this is typical. Apparently this is the time in the end of the summer when knitters start knitting again because it starts to get cool. Neat! Having this project done is also energizing me and making me want to start another project for fall - another vest, or a cozy shawl.

Anyway, now there are pictures!

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From my birthday labyrinth walk. I suspect I'll be using this one a lot.
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So, I am making [ profile] 7j a vest for her birthday. Since this is my first vest, I thought that I would start by making the same pattern for my teddy bear. I thought that this would give me good experience with the techniques I would be using, as well as being a good crash-course in vest pattern alteration, without requiring as much work to do over, if doing over proved necessary. The pattern is written for a large-ish man, which [ profile] 7j is not. Obviously, neither is my bear. *grin*

It went pretty well. I would recommend this approach for anyone else nervous about making a new project for the first time. I think that I have gotten most of my anxiety out of the way. And now, this is what I know you've all been waiting for.

Ursa Minor, in her natural habitat, wearing her winter vest )

I also recently finished a sampler scarf for [ profile] ayalanya but I am still waiting for her to take a picture of it. And, I did take a picture of my matching hat and scarf set, but now I can't find it.

In other upcoming projects, I am also planning to make myself some mittens to go with the hat and scarf, as well as a shawl for myself from some lovely yarn [ profile] redjo got me for my birthday a while back.
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Today Suzuki sat on the couch with me while I watched television. She laid her head in my lap, and she even let me trim her extra claw (which is at an angle so doesn't get stropped naturally). I petted her for a long time and told her what a good girl she was.

But enough, you say. You've been talking about this cat for weeks on end. WHERE ARE THE PICTURES??

You will not be disappointed today, my loyal fans.

This includes pictures of both Pretzel and Suzuki. For some reason they didn't wish to be blogged,* so I hope you'll all take the step of clicking. Some of them are blurry but were too adorable not to share anyway.

I will take more once the camera battery is recharged.

eta: *I meant the pics didn't wish to be blogged. Naturally if the cats had expressed such a preference to me, I would have respected it.
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Thought you would all enjoy some pics by and of me from this winter. If you want a larger version, click on the picture.

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I just finished the lap blanket I have been crocheting for the past few weeks. This post shows the process of its creation. The finished blanket is at the bottom of the post.

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Yay! Now, I need to work on the Chicken Viking hat for Princess N, finish some socks for [ profile] 7j, and start a pair of wristwarmers for myself.
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Check them out:

I didn't edit them (except for turning them rightside up, if applicable). I'm kind of anal about picture editing, so this is the only way you would get to see them this month.

Happy happy!

Edit: [ profile] bbbsg very reasonably points out that these might not be work safe. I guess it kind of depends where you work. If that sounds worrymaking to you, wait till later...


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