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This week I read The Number of the Beast by RA Heinlein. I read one new Heinlein a year. Generally I wish to re-read other favorite Heinleins after finishing one, and this is no exception. It made me want to re-read Time Enough for Love at a minimum, as well as re-read the ending of To Sail Beyond the Sunset. This despite it not being his best work. It was a little frivolous. Yes, you went to Oz. With infinite universes, all things are possible. We get it, thanks. I would only give it two stars, but I'm glad that I read it, as usual. I did like the "captain by election, sometimes the best man for the job isn't a man..." etc stuff. It was amusing. As usual, however, Heinlein trying to write girltalk, and it being all about how you should always let men think they've won, and not hurt their pride, really irritated me.

Earlier in the week I also read Endless Knot: A Spiritual Journey by Mathew Stryanka. I liked it, I would give it three stars. I'm reviewing it for, so I'm not going to review it here. Take a look in a month if you're interested.

Over the weekend, I plan to read A Place of My Own, loaned to me by [ profile] 7j, and Sword of Orion, which is the new book by my favorite husband and wife wonderteam, Sharon Lee and Steve Miller.
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