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Dec. 6th, 2008 05:07 pm
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I like my new yoga ball. It is medium-sized and green. It is maybe a little small since I am such a tall flower (OF STEEL!).

I have been sitting on it for an hour or two a day. Good use of my stability muscles. And it also encourages me to move around more and stretch while I'm using my computer or reading or whatever.

Both of my cats are afraid of the Big Green Ball of Doom. I am torn between worry that they will puncture it and a secret hope that I could teach Pretzel to balance on top of it as a trick.

That is all.
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On Monday I took a Pilates class for the first time. It was called Essential Pilates and was a beginner class. Boy, that shit is HARD, even before adding the props that make it more challenging. It felt to me like an athletic form of yoga. I liked it and plan to go again.

Tuesday I walked for about an hour, even though the weather was pretty abysmal. It all depends on your mood and your raingear. I was cheerful at the end.

Wednesday I went to Strong Women and then did my stretch routine on the ball. Very pleasant. This time was actually harder than last time, with the 7.5 pound weights. Well, I'm sure I will get used to them. Now I can do most of the crunches and balance excercises without collapsing, which makes me feel proud.

I wish the gym was open today. I would have been there. I would be there right now. But it's not. I will be there tomorrow early.

This afternoon I posted a personal ad in "strictly platonic" for a gym buddy. I hope I can find one! Surely Healthworks members use Craigslist too?
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Ninety-minute gentle yoga. Nautilus orientation. Stretch class. Private workout. Sit, ready, row!

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Tomorrow will be the Day of Yoga. I am planning on going to both Gentle Yoga and Restorative Yoga tomorrow evening. Elemental Yoga is between them, but I don't want to overdo it... so I think I'll do a workout in between instead (perhaps with the Nautilus machines, while the ways to use them are still fresh in my mind). Or I might go home for dinner. Food is good.
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When last we left our heroine, she was going to Spin class on Tuesday morning, because it was taught by an instructor she really liked.

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10 Things I've Learned at the Gym

- Always have a water bottle for cardio.
- Bring all of your gym gear even if you don't think you'll need it all for a specific workout. Otherwise, you will think your bag is fully packed because you packed it last time, but it's not.
- When lifting something, your elbow should be a little bit bent and your wrist straight.
- Have a snack in your gym bag. Workouts make you hungry. (I really like having a sesame snack after a workout - that gives me the juice I need to get home and get actual food.)
- Grocery shopping after working out works really well. My body is generally being loud about what it wants - craving healthy foods that are high in protein and vitamins.
- When you leave things in a gym bag, they get smelly. Take clothes out ASAP. Also, flip flops need time to dry out after use.
- If you need something you don't have, ask a staff person. Yesterday one got me a resistor ball, when they were mostly all being used by classes. Last week one got me a hair tie when I'd forgotten mine.
- Mix it up. Try something new. Variety is the spice of fitness (and life). Continuing to do this has meant that I have tried a ton of new things, AND that my standard for classes I like enough to take every week is just going up and up. If I had stuck with the first few classes I tried, I would never have found some of my favorites.
- Locker room etiquette is confusing. Sometimes I start a conversation with someone and it goes great. Other times the person acts weird about it. It generally seems safe to compliment people on their clothing, though. I like it good when someone else starts the conversation. Either way, it almost never seems to progress to sharing names.
- I love the gym. I love working out. And that is something I would never have expected.
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Today marks a new and unpleasant milestone.

To wit, this is the first time I have had two migraines in one week.

This is movement in a direction I am not at all comfortable with, and I am ramping up my attack on this problem. Drastically.

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ETA: I now have calls in to both the acupuncturist and the Women's Headache Center here in Somerville, the latter claiming a holistic approach. Cool...


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