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"We define ourselves by the best that is in us, not the worst that has been done to us."
-Edward Lewis

Do you think this way? What do you think is the best that is in you?

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Seven things meme...

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So, this month's Glamour includes an article called "Thirty Things Every Woman Should Have and Know By Age 30." (Take a look.)

A lot of them I agree with. Most of them I feel I do have or know. But there are some things I think are missing from this list.

I think that by age 30, every woman should know how to travel alone.
By age 30, every woman should know how to enjoy herself in bed.
By age 30, every woman should have at least one pair of shoes that are both attractive AND comfortable.
By age 30, every woman should have a primary medical provider that she feels comfortable with.

What would you add?
(Comments about what men should do and know by age 30 are also welcome.)

What do you wish you had or knew that you don't yet?
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Stolen from [ profile] watercolorblue.

In high school:

Adult Roles - Basically talked about money, changing tires on cars, pregnancy, health, and lots of other stuff more important for adult survival than college. It was terrific, especially in helping me realize how expensive it was to live on your own.

In college:

Introduction to African-American Music - We sat in a big studio two days a week and listened to music. It was wonderful and helped me to learn the difference between good jazz and bad jazz, which is something I think everyone should know.

Sex and Gender in American Society - It's not that I became a feminist. I was already a feminist before taking this class. But learning about the construction of gender really blew my mind, and has had crucial lasting effects.


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