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Herein, you will find reviews of two mass market paperbacks obtained through

Wish You Were Here is the first in the Mrs. Murphy series of mysteries, written by Rita Mae Brown's cat (or so it claims). This series features the postmistress of a small town in Virginia, and the pets who try to help her solve crimes (possibly only murderous crimes). It was a bit too cute for me. I didn't realize that the animals were going to talk. I didn't really like them talking and it actually made it hard for me to finish the book. But it was well-written, and funny in places. Two and a half stars.

It's kind of funny how I wound up reading the other book... )

Queen's Gambit by Deborah Chester was longer than any of the books in the preceding trilogy - more than 400 pages. It is also much better than any of the trilogy books. Deeper, with more subtlety and more interesting themes. Pheresa continues to be a very sympathetic character, and continues to grow throughout the course of the book until its triumphant conclusion. The book doesn't have a lot of action in it, but it makes you feel as though it did, if you know what I mean. I also enjoyed very much the new character of Talmor. I was very happy with this book. It is quite unusual to see a series in any genre improve as it goes along, and I'll be following the next books with interest. Four stars.
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So, you all know I'm an acolyte of, right?

Well, I joined its sister site,, a few weeks ago. Basically, it's the same concept, only with CDs. And now I have discovered that you can transfer your credits from one site to another. Damn! Exchanging books for music, and vice versa! How awesome is that?

I originally joined pbs to diminish the number of books I have in my bookcases. Now, if you'll consider this plan, you'll see it has a small flaw. :) But I have found a wonderful way around this flaw, to wit - ordering books for my nearest and dearest. Not only does it meet my goal, but it also gives me the happy sensation of saying, "Here - it's for you!" and presenting them with books on architecture or fashion.

If anyone would like a referral to either site, just let me know and I'll hook you up.


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