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We will be having our Thanksgiving Pie Breakfast this year as usual.

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If you would like to come, please RSVP with the type of pie you plan to bring. This helps us to keep a good balance of pies in the mix.

Finally, hosting a pie breakfast and making our own T-day dinner is generally too much for us. If you have a T-day dinner we'd be welcome at, please let us know, especially if it's the "orphan" rather than the "family" sort.
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As a reminder, the pie breakfast is tomorrow from ten to one. We really need at least one volunteer to take the pies to the shelter Rosie's Place in Dorchester after the event. Due to medical issues [ profile] mrpet is unable to drive right now, so this is very important. This job is easy, fast, and very rewarding. We will even give you directions. Got a car? Got a little free time tomorrow afternoon? Then we would love to hear from you.

Want to help, but can't do that? Setup, cleanup, and assistance keeping the table clear are always appreciated. Setup folks should try to arrive at nine-fifteen for optimum assisting.

Otherwise, we look forward to seeing you, your pies, ingredients lists, and serving utensils tomorrow morning. Happy Turkey Day!
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If you are local to Boston, please respond to this poll about events that we may be hosting. Events in question would likely be on a weekend day sometime in May.

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Due to snow, we were forced to reschedule the book swap.

We would have been happy to go ahead with it, but most guests who had RSVPd were forced to reverse their plans.

The book swap will happen, instead, three weeks from yesterday - on Sunday, March 5th. This is to give us a weekend of quiet after the upcoming Vinyl Party. It will still be held from two to six - in fact, all other details will remain the same.

An email will go out to this effect, as well. I hope you will all be able to make it.


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