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Yesterday [ profile] mrpet and I picked up a matinee of the new live action version of Blood: The Last Vampire. For anyone who didn't see the anime of 2000, it's simply the last word in lesbian schoolgirl vampires who hunt demons. Not a lot of competition in the category, granted, but I am so glad there even IS a category. I am an uncritical audience when it comes to women in schoolgirl uniforms toting heavy weaponry, and I'm not ashamed.

For anyone who did see the anime, I think you'll be pleasantly surprised with the live action. I certainly was.

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ETA: In retrospect, what is so funny about this is that the lesbian subtext I remembered so clearly from the anime? Wasn't there at all.
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For those who have not seen the new animated movie Up!, you should do so. It's extremely dear. [ profile] mrpet and I both like it a great deal, more than we liked Monsters vs. Aliens, which we also liked. We saw it in 3D, but I don't think you'd have to to enjoy it.

It's interesting what values have been demonstrated in Disney movies over the years.
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[ profile] mrpet and I watched Zach and Miri Make a Porno at the Kendall on Saturday. It was really fun. Sort of like Chasing Amy but funnier and less depressing. If you like Kevin Smith and don't mind a little bathroom humor, give it a watch.
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Baby Mama - A heck of a lot better than I expected, but then, my expectations were very low. In other news, Tina Fay has a GREAT ass.

Iron Man - Super, super fun. Why did I never picture Robert Downing Jr as a geeky superhero? Watch and enjoy, my friends.

I am still undecided about whether to see Prince Caspian. I didn't enjoy the Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe much, except for Tilda Swinton, and it's only going to get more Christian from here on out. I have a tentative plan to see In Bruges with [ profile] trouble4hire tomorrow.

Upcoming things I'm interested in: The Happening, The Strangers (although I'm sure it would scare me out of my wits, perhaps I'll see it on video with someone I won't be embarassed to clutch and squeal at), and The Incredible Hulk.

I was interested in seeing the new Indiana Jones movie, but the theatrical preview may have changed my mind. It looks awful.
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Recently I watched American Gangster with [ profile] mrpet, Enchanted with [ profile] 7j, and Darjeeling Limited with someone else who doesn't, AFAIK, have a livejournal account.

I was explaining over Thanksgiving Dinner that I'm easy to please where movies are concerned. I will say "yes" to the possibility of seeing most movies, as long as I don't think they'll be upsetting. And my tastes are not very refined. Yes, I can tell an awesome movie from one that's only okay (at least according to me, right?) but there are many movies that others will think are terrible that I think are fine. I think it's partly that since I don't involve myself in the nitty-gritty of movies the way I do with books, and because I watch many fewer movies than I read books, it makes me somewhat uncritical. For these reasons, I review many more books than movies in this journal.

However, I liked all of these movies, for different reasons, so I thought I'd tell you all what I liked about Andthem.

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Jul. 28th, 2007 04:24 pm
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On Thursday night, I was lucky enough to catch a preview of the new movie Stardust, coming out in a week and a half, with [ profile] catskillz and two other friends. The Brattle Theater and Harvard Bookstore collaborated for this occasion.

There were no visible wires or special effects goofs that I could see. However, sometimes when the scene changed in the movie, there would be a pop, as though you were switching from one audiotape to another.

I won't spoil anything, since most of you haven't had the chance to see this yet, but I will tell you that I liked it a great deal. It kept to the spirit of the book, although the letter was changed in places. And Robert deNiro rocked my world INTENSELY. It would have been worth it just to see him in that role.

This time I got to be one of the cool kids who saw the movie early, thanks to [ profile] catskillz, and thus, I'm in a position to tell you: see it! It's really good!
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If you ever wondered what it would be like for Miyazaki to make a movie of a Terence McKenna screenplay, then you should see Paprika.

If you like anime, or especially if you think that the genre is running out of new ideas, you should see Paprika.

If you are interested in lucid dreaming, you should definitely see Paprika.

If you are interested in psychology, you should see Paprika.

However, if you (already) have a phobia about dolls or parades, you should NOT see Paprika. Also, Paprika does not treat weight issues with sensitivity.

Favorite quotes out of context:
"How's that for traumatic?"
"The inside is what matters, but there's a limit, too."

I can hardly wait for there to be more screenshots from this movie. There is a scene I definitely want an icon from.
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is The Host. It's completely unlike any other movie I have EVER seen. It is a horror movie, true, but it is touching and funny and gritty and realistic and even a little bit political. The characters are great, the dialogue will make you laugh out loud, and the monster is terrific. Seriously. See it. Even if you need to cover your eyes in a few places, it'll be worth it.

However, I am unable to recommend it as a first-date movie.
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I'm not sure when this came out - apparently I wasn't paying enough attention. This year, the following movies are up for Best Picture:

The Departed
Letters From Iwo Jima
Little Miss Sunshine
The Queen

I'm often interested in seeing the nominees before the awards come out. Would anyone like to catch a matinee? Letters From Iwo Jima is the only one I definitely don't want to see. Little Miss Sunshine is the one I really don't want to miss.


Jul. 29th, 2006 09:25 pm
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Yesterday [ profile] mrpet and I went to see Lady in the Water.

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While we were at the theater, there was a reference to the upcoming non-Joss Sarah Michelle Gellar as a retired vampire slayer thingeebob, The Return. I Googled it and it's coming out in November. I guess I'm going to have to see it, but I think I'm going to feel dirty afterwards.
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I was saying this to [ profile] mrpet last night, after we finished seeing Superman Returns. Superman isn't a very complex character. Yeah, he has these powers. But he's not smart, or conflicted or anything. He always saves the city before saving Lois Lane. Kryptonite is his only weakness, and it's kind of a dumb weakness. He never learns to delegate, or use his powers to get people to listen to him and improve themselves, unless it's something trivial like "Smoking is bad for you."

He's always solving the short-term problems. What about long-term problems like war and not enough food? They can't be solved just by putting your body and your powers in front of something. If you give a man a fish... but the thing is, he doesn't actually have those tools. He needs to take leadership training. Attend Democracy School and teach others to be activists. Something, anything!

For this reason, I've always liked Batman and the X-Men better. They have real internal conflicts. They know how to work as a team, to some extent. The things that happen move them. The huge things, but the little things too.

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movies, TV

Feb. 15th, 2006 06:19 pm
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So, I recently watched Kinsey, some more Highlander, and an episode and a half of 24. Right, and some CSI and some Law and Order. Oh, and the first disc of the first season of Stargate SG1. (I don't know what you were talking about, [ profile] rednikki, it's not THAT bad. Well, at least not when you compare it to Highlander.) And I've managed to catch a few episodes of The Closer.

So I've pretty much used up my yearly quota for television, and it's only February. I'm getting very bored with it. But I'll still tell you what I thought of everything.

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Also, I made myself a new icon, with help from fey artist Neena Thomas. Check it out.


Feb. 3rd, 2006 02:18 pm
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Two more movies this week:

The Italian Job, starring Charlize Theron and Mark Wahlberg

I liked it. I liked it a lot. But probably not as much as Ocean's Eleven, say, because I didn't think it was as funny or as original. I am going to watch the original of the Italian Job, I'm often interested in doing that with remakes. Anyway, it was good to have an action flick to watch.

Battlestar Galactica, starring Lorne Green, if anyone's memories go back that far

I found it amusing how much of this seemed to be not-so-subtle commentary on nuclear disarmament and the Cold War.
Definitely a vintage piece. The hair was... upsetting. So were the gender roles. But I thought it would be good to watch before I started watching the new series. And I enjoyed it somewhat - I'm glad I stuck it out to the end.
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Recently, I've been watching more television than I normally do, so I thought I'd write about that here.

First, there are three things that have recently improved my television experience.

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Recently I'm into crime stuff, television-wise. It started with CSI, which is still my favorite. Last night I watched the episode Ellie, which I had been wanting to see, and was great. I also like watching Law and Order - the original, or Criminal Intent, as SVU upsets me. I've watched NYPD Blue but haven't really gotten into it yet - it seems like you need to know more about the characters and circumstances to enjoy it. I'm guessing starting at the beginning of an episode would probably help, too. *grin*

I also watch movies on television sometimes. Patriot Games and The Fast and the Furious, recently.

As far as DVDs, I recently watched the first disk of the first season 24 (which I had never seen before, but liked), Ella Enchanted (kind of cheesy, but fun, especially the music), Two Brothers (I stopped in the middle, because it was getting bleak), Garden State (loved it), and Brothers Grimm (glad I was on painkillers at the time).
I'm also about halfway through the old Battlestar Galactica, which I wanted to watch before I started watching the series. And I have Kinsey and the Italian Job from Netflix, which I am trying as a free thing while I can't really leave the house. I will probably keep Netflix long enough to watch as much as I want to of Highlander, since I couldn't find a local video store that had the second season, and I know already it wouldn't be worth the money to buy it, so I can hardly blame them...

Things that I hope to watch soon on the big screen include The Last Holiday, Mrs. Henderson Presents, and TransAmerica.
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I have never seen Battlestar Galactica.

I mean, at all. Not the first movie, not the new series. Just never.

So. Does anyone have it for me to borrow? Would anyone like to watch it with me?
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Last night I saw "Good Night, and Good Luck" with [ profile] redjo.
It was simply an amazing movie.

I went to see it because I heard it was a thought-provoking historical piece with important implications for our time. I didn't expect it to also be cinematically terrific. The music, the use of light, the use of focus, all were just fantastic. I loved the way that the time period was captured, with the use of black and white, costuming, and lack of sanitization. (What I mean is that they didn't try to make it PC. Everyone smoked, everyone was white, all the important characters were male. Which is really true for that place and time - it's a movie about people in power, risking their power because it's the right thing to do.) At the same time, modern sensibility could be used to focus on a few details, like Liberaci not marrying, and the ACLU receiving government commendations - tips of the hat to the audience of today.

If you haven't seen it, you should. it's still playing at Kendall Cinema.

Also coming up on my movies-to-see list - TransAmerica, Mrs. Henderson Presents, The Last Holiday, and Something New.
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I haven't read the Narnia books since I was a kid. Once I saw the Christian undertones, I found them a little hard to take. (Not because I object to Christianity, but because I don't like children's books that are thinly veiled moral lessons. Adult literature of that nature we call propaganda, and I think it's demeaning to kids that we expect them to swallow such things without noticing they're there.)

The movie was quite true to the book. It was indeed full of thinly veiled symbolism and morality, but they can't be blamed for that. I thought it was well-acted. And then there was Tilda Swinton... OMG. Now I want to be the White Witch when I grow up. Which is kind of cool, since I was already on the "wrong side." It works out.

Minor spoilers here )

Anyhow. To anyone who has seen or is planning to see the movie, or enjoyed the books, I strongly recommend Neil Gaiman's recent Narnia retelling, "The Problem of Susan." It's amazing and creepy and makes you think. You can find it in the new fantasy anthology Flights. I own a copy, so leave a comment if you want to borrow it.
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In a day, I read The Ice Queen by Alice Hoffman. She's one of my favorite non-genre fiction writers, as I mentioned yesterday. She does a certain level of magical realism, which I like a lot. The Ice Queen centered around two themes - lightning strikes, and fairy tales. I knew a little bit about the former because of having read A Match to the Heart by Greta Ehrlich, and the latter has been a lifelong interest of mine.
I liked the story a lot, it had some interesting ideas and visuals. Here's my favorite quote:
"Isn't that the center of every story? The search for the truth. The need to know. Tear off the sealskin, the donkeyskin, the feathers, the shackles. In the moonlight, starlight, lamplight, bluelight. Wasn't that what everyone wanted: to see and hear. Take the veil from my eyes. The stones from within my ears. Turn me around twice. Tell me. No matter the consequence. No matter the price. At least until it has to be paid. At least until the price blinds you, deafens you, burns you alive." p108
Three stars. Very solid.

Yesterday I also saw Just Like Heaven with [ profile] redjo. It was a sweet movie. As always, Reese Witherspoon delivered a good performance. Nothing wrong with it, but nothing really special either IMO. Still, nice to see a sweet movie on a date.

two movies

Aug. 5th, 2005 10:35 am
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My name finally came up on the queue at the library, and I got to watch the animated flick The Incredibles with [ profile] redjo. (They're not lying about that backlog - I've been waiting for months!)

I liked it a lot, although the suburban middle class didn't appeal to me that much. The visual effects were great, even if the characters were a bit wooden. I especially enjoyed the end. It was a good movie and I'd happily watch it again.

Then, last night, [ profile] 7j and I went to see Must Like Dogs, with Diane Lane and John Cusack. It was a really fun movie, and funny. It had gay characters, and the main character's dad was poly (kind of). The dogs were cute but their role in the movie was not excessive. Also, the perils of a large and close family were amply demonstrated.

If you like romantic comedy, it's a good one to see.

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