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These meme is running through my F-list like wildfire. However, I am not enabling anonymous commenting. Tell me, ask me, but be you.

[ profile] regyt asks why the world doesn't have a meme where everyone leaves screened comments with what they want to say to to the poster but haven't yet for whatever reason – and I say, indeed, why not? So! Tell me anything you want me to know - about me, about you, about your mom, whatever you like.

Everything is screened. Tell me something you want to tell me, ask me what you want to know. If you say you want me to unscreen, I will, happily might.

Then do the same, and I will tell you something!

Facepalm. They are really screened now. So, so sorry.
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[ profile] pink_pet was just posting his top five reasons for being poly. Here are mine.

- I love letting a connection with a new person find its natural level, one that is only lightly influenced by the relationships that I'm already in.
- I need more sex and attention than I would feel good about asking just one person for.
- I love that for some of us, polyamory can be a way to create a network of mutual support, even a chosen family.
- I feel that the level of negotiation and examination necessary to making poly relationships work has really helped me grow as a person over the years.
- Life is unpredictable! Poly allows for relationships to shift more easily over time without having to end, because you are not trying to get all your needs met by one person.

What are your top five reasons for choosing the relationship style that works best for you?
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What is your favorite ice cream flavor?

I don't have just one. It depends. But I really like black raspberry, butter pecan (especially with lots of nuts!), chai, and alcoholic ice cream (Bailey's, Kahlua, et cetera). I also enjoy frozen yogurt - the tangy kind, like Yotango at JP Licks, or what they have at Berry Line, not like TCBY. However, I have developed something of a hatred for sorbet, because it's often the only dessert I can have and I never liked it much in the first place. Imagine people randomly telling you that you want a dessert you don't especially want, because "it's really very good," and they do it over and over... unfun.

ETA: I forgot to mention that when I am craving chocolate, coffee ice cream is a pretty good substitute.
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What is your favorite animal?

The feline. Especially, but not exclusively the housecat.

I realize that big cats are dangerous and I have not studied them extensively. I like watching them move on television. But I definitely respect them.

Housecats, on the other hand, are just great. I love how independent they are an how much they have their own personalities. I've never had two that were really alike. I love their curiosity, their snuggliness, their purring... I love that you have to earn their affection. Dogs will love you almost no matter what you do to them (not that that makes it okay to hurt them). But with cats, you are just a meal ticket unless they decide they want you to be more.
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What language don't you know, but would most like to learn?

Practically, I would like to learn Spanish. So many people in this country speak it, and it would be useful for my job.

Impractically, I'd like to learn Portugese. Because then I could understand the lyrics of bossa nova that's not sung in English, and I think it would give me a deeper appreciation of the music.
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Where is one place on earth you've never been, but would love to visit? Why?

I'd love to visit India. It seems such a gorgeous, colorful, complicated place. I love the way that religion seems to permeate the cultural consciousness - I think that's something we're missing in the US. Gods know I don't speak the language and the food would probably be too spicy for me most of the time but I'd still love to see it.

I'd also love to visit Brazil, mostly for the music.
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Second question:

"question, umm, is this a meme or something? :)"

Answer: Yes. It is the "March is Question Month" meme. People invite people to, um, ask them questions.
April is often "Ask YOU a question month" and I will probably participate in that one as well, once I have finished up the questions I get with this.

Go on, ask me a question! (Some terms and condition apply.)
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Are any questions asked within the month of March eligible?

Anything that is asked here is eligible. I am also generally fine with people asking me questions in person at all points, though I reserve the right not to answer. I worry I put too much fine print in my initial post about this. But I really love being asked questions.

Okay, that was a short one. :) Lay it on me, folks!
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Ask me a serious question, get an honest answer.

Fine print: Comments are screened. Questions will be reposted without the questioner's name unless you tell me you want credit. If you want to know something about a negative thing in one of my relationships, you should provide an email address, because I don't talk about those things on my blog. Answers to some questions may be filtered; again, providing an email address will make sure you get to see yours. "Who let the dogs out?" and similar do NOT count as serious questions in the Magical, All-Knowing Book of LadyA. I will answer one or two questions a week until I run out of questions or out of March.
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Do you enjoy reading translated books? Does the experience differ depending on the original language, or on other factors? If you read other languages, do you enjoy reading books in their original languages?

Okay, I'm getting back on the question wagon. Hopefully I can finish the ones I like by the end of the month.

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Alright. I have a question. I know from your lj that you have traveled within the United States. How do you feel about travel? Is there anywhere in either the USA or the World that you would really like to travel to, and why?

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What do you like about polyamory? Why is it a good choice for you?

This is a well-phrased question, for sure. My first instinct was to answer with the ways that monogamy doesn't work for me, but that's not really what you're asking.

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This is your last chance to ask me a question month question. Tomorrow I will be closing the "question box" and taking a break for a few days. Until then, go here.
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You identify as femme, right? How do you define femme-ness? Does femme mean something different from feminine, womanly, or ladylike?

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Do you identify as femme, [ profile] bossym? How would you respond to the questions you just asked me?
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"Have you ever lived with more than one sweetie at a time? Would you? What do you think of multiple relationship households?"

Another great question!

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What are your favorite foods? What do you miss the most since your allergies developed? What food have you developed a fondness for since your allergies developed, that you didn't like/know of before?

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There is still time to ask me a question! Just go here.
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[ profile] abilouise:
a related follow-up question: are you currently taking on new clients?
no, not me.

[ profile] clonetwin:
And how do you find clients (or how do they find you)?

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That was a short pair of questions, so I may do another one later today. I am so delighted with the quality and number of questions I'm getting asked this year. :)
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Again from [ profile] clonetwin: "A follow up question - what compelled you to become a doula?"

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Fashion. Sex. Books. Spirituality. Memories. Knitting. Food. Love. Cats. Parties.

Go on, ask me anything.*

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ETA: By the way, I will be answering questions in subsequent posts, not in comments.
Edited again to add: The question box is now closed. Thanks for playing!
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Ask You a Question Month is drawing to a close. (In a few days, Ask Me a Question Month will be beginning. Stay tuned for details.) But it's not over yet! Has a book ever changed your life? If so, how? If not, what has?

ETA: Another interesting followup to the "Marry Him" article here.


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