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I use WinAmp on my laptop and desktop. However, since I got the new laptop with Windows Vista (not my favorite thing about it) WinAmp does not seem to want to see my music collection. When I click "Add media to library" nothing happens. It's inconvenient to have to figure out what I want to listen to and click on different folder under "Play file" or "Play folder" - being able to see everything is a big part of why I LIKE Winamp. Has anyone else encountered this issue, or do you have a music player you like better? Other than the installed "MediaCenter" which I find very clunky?

Yes, I am using the latest version. Yes, I reinstalled it. No, it's not the professional version.


Feb. 24th, 2009 02:09 pm
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A friend was recently mentioning that a lot of folks she knows have been migrating to Facebook. For those of you that like it, can you tell me about the appeal? What, if any, usefulness might it have for those of us who do not like to post things on the Internet with their real names?
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The next question is, if this all goes away, what blog system would be a good one to switch to? I like blogging and I want to keep doing it (especially about books and working out). I like the social networking aspect as well but thus far have not been interested in places like MySpace. It seems... kind of crowded and noisy in there, if you know what I mean.

Does anyone who reads this blog have experience with blogspot, wordpad, or other non-LJ blogging tools?

ETA: LJ press release says that they're just moving to Russia, after all. Yet I see many friends posting to say they're moving to Vox. Hmmmmm...


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