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I remember a post a while back about getting people to do what you want in relationships. The guy was basically saying he says to every woman he has dated "Never lie to me, that's all I ask," and women lied to him over and over. Finally, this happened with a woman he was involved with and he asked why. Why why oh WHY would you lie to me when you know it's the only thing I ask you not to do?

She said, well, you never accept it when anyone disagrees with you and keep asking them to change their mind and in the end it's easier to just say sure, I liked that movie too. And this taught him about the way that he was actually reinforcing the behavior of lying even though he was dead set against it.

Does anyone know what I'm talking about or remember where it was? Can you find it? I want the link for an article I'm thinking of writing about positive reinforcement.

Help me, Doctor Eljay, you're my only hope!*

*Googling "lying in relationships" was worse than useless.
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I recently joined two communities [ profile] bookish and [ profile] bookshare that have a fair amount of overlap between them. Is there some way to hide duplicate entires on my Friends page?

Normally I would just choose between the two communities, but so far I like them both equally. Sigh.
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I wish to seek the services of a nutritionist and a chiropractor. The nutritionist should be able to give a York blood test (which tells you your food intolerances). The chiropractor should be gentle. Both should be in Somerville, Cambridge, or reasonably T-accessible from same. (This includes subway or bus but not Commuter Rail.) Specific suggestions of a practitioner are to be preferred over suggestions of institutions where practitioners can be found.

Tell me something good!
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I have two Firefox questions.

1) I have it set up so that I can only install programs on the admin account of my computer. For some reason, even when I have just updated Firefox there and I am getting the screen saying, "Thanks! You've updated to the latest version of Firefox," I get an error while I am opening the program saying that it's trying to update but can't. Does anyone have any idea of how to switch this off, at least on my regular user account? Is there a preference somewhere I don't know about?

2) How do you change saved passwords? Firefox will save my passwords, but I do change my passwords, so I've been having to type them in again the past few months, over the wrong ones. How can I fix this?

Thank you, Oracle!
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I will be in NYC this weekend. I have been to a discount makeup store in NYC several times in the past. No, I have no idea where it was. They sell name-brand makeup that's been discontinued and stuff like that. It looks like a beauty supply store or pharmacy, basically. The makeup lives in wire baskets that you have to dig through.

Does this sound familiar to anyone? Or, barring that, can you suggest a different good discount makeup place in NYC?
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I seek a coffeeshop or restaurant near Copley. It should be large or quiet enough to have a private conversation in. It cannot be Francesca's. It must be open in the afternoon. I'd rather it not be a chain. Any suggestions?

I tried Googlemaps, but that's not getting me much.

ETA: Never mind, it just needed more Google.


Aug. 2nd, 2007 07:48 am
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So, can anybody suggest a source for ringtones?

The ones I'm interested in are not recognizable songs. Not the Blue Danube OR Hips Don't Lie. I'm interested in the ones that sound like phones, or at least, aren't trying to sound like any particular music.

And I would rather pay some money then agree to get spam text messages.

ETA: By the way, I have a Sanyo Qualcom, 3G CDMA. It does not have Internet capability.
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So, as most of you know, my birthday is coming up. This year, I want to have a birthday mix with songs that talk about getting older in a positive way, and/or circle of life type stuff. Got any suggestions?

The list so far. )
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Can someone recommend a chiropracter? The ideal practitioner for me would be female, gentle, and accessible by public transportation. (Includes bus and subway but not commuter rail.)
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So, here is the question that [ profile] 7j and I have been researching today.

Is it currently possible, or will it soon be possible, to get the HPV vaccine in Boston?

MGH - says they don't have it in the following departments: STD clinic, Gynecology, Infectious Diseases.
Cambridge Health Alliance - says they don't have it in the following departments: Infectious Diseases, Women's Health (both locations), primary care (the last is apparently having a meeting to decide whether they'll offer it but have no idea when)
Brigham and Women's - Gyn department says they are waiting to receive the vaccine, they are planning to offer it. You can reach them at (617) 732-5500.
Beth Israel DMC - Gyn department says they're not offering it, suggests calling a pediatrician.
Fenway - has not yet returned call.
New England Medical Center - Gyn dept couldn't give me a definitive answer but says "we haven't heard anything about it, and we would've."
Planned Parenthood of MA - Says that it's not out yet, they think they will have it when it's available but don't know for sure.
Sidney Borum Jr Health Center - They hope to eventually have it but couldn't give me a timeframe.

On a larger scale:
Massachusetts CDC - no knowledge
Massachusetts DPH - have to call back to their vaccine unit on Monday.

Anyone have more promising leads? Or others that they've ruled out, at least? Or places I haven't thought to try that are still Boston Metro?
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I need a laptop cooling solution. It tends to overheat after an hour or two of use, sooner in warm weather.

I picked up one at BestBuy, a Targus Chill Hub, but I don't think it's my ultimate choice. It's not cooling my laptop down that much. It doesn't attach to the laptop (which makes it another thing to carry around). It needs to be plugged into both the USB port and the wall for full functionality. (Pluses - it's the right size, and not very noisy. Also, relatively cheap - forty bucks I think.)

So. Does anyone have experience with a good laptop cooler? One that would be better than this?

Just from googling and reading some reviews, the Xpad cooler and the 3d COOL both seem to have their advocates. The LapLogic LapPads are sexy and cheap. Anything I'm missing?
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So, I bought a Sansa SanDisk c130 mp3 player.

The thing that's strange is that is seems to have music already loaded on it - twenty tracks - and I can't figure out how to delete them. When I look at the drive menu, I can't find them.

Any thoughts, clues, or suggestions?
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So, if you were looking for a well-made (I'm talking lined and finished, not Dolce & Gabbana) but relatively inexpensive women's suit in the Boston area, where would you go?

I need to attend an upcoming wedding that will be somewhat formal. I hate the kind of dress that I would have to wear for this, and I want to get a suit. I've been wanting one anyway, so it makes sense.

It's not until the end of next month ('cause, you know, people like those Memorial Day weekend weddings) and I've taken the month mostly off where my job is concerned. So, I have time to look around at different places.

I tried my local neighborhood Goodwill a few days ago, and the Garment District yesterday. The latter had a few things that were nearly right. I'll try again in a month. In the meantime, I am trying to make a list of other places to check. I can afford to buy one new as long as it's not ridiculous, but I want to check out all possible used and discount options first.

- Second Time Around in Harvard Square
- Boomerang in JP
- Filene's Basement
- Urban Renewals in Allston
- Planet Aid in Harvard Square

Any other suggestions?
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So, I now have an iPod, courtesy of la starkey.

However, before I can do anything with it, I need earphones/buds and a cable whereby I can convert micro-FireWire to regular FireWire.

Where would be a good place to go for this? The places I can think of at the moment are Microcenter on Mem Drive and Best Buy in the Galleria.

Also, where do you guys like to go for podcasts? I seem to be in a folksy mood the past few weeks, so that would probably be my top choice, if they even DO them for folk.

ETA: Okay, on the other hand - how expensive would it be to put the FireWire connection port right on my laptop? It doesn't have one now. It looks like maybe I would need something like this?


Mar. 21st, 2006 11:56 am
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I need to get my Birks fixed. They need resoling (again! and it's only been six or seven years! *grin*) and the cork is cracked near the heel on one of them. Before summer comes seems like a good time, so I should take them in soon.

Has anyone used any of the following shoe repair joints?

Read more... )

I know they're all qualified to fix Birks, but it would be great to get a personal recommendation. Or, if you went somewhere else, where did YOU go?
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Anyone else having a problem with viewing their friends page through a filter?
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So... this year I went to deduct my T passes on my taxes, and couldn't.

I could have sworn there was a way to do that, at least on state taxes. Am I making this up in my head? Or can I just not find the right place to do it?
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I have been playing with Photoshop (yay!).

My question is this: I have a figure that has no background. Is there some way to automatically outline the figure in black? Because that's what I want to do before I add a background.

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So, I am unable to enable Virus Scan on my laptop. It was enabled, but now it's not, and "click here to enable" isn't doing anything.

The fabulous and brilliant [ profile] starkeymonster suggests that I need to update my virus definitions, that a virus is disabling the scan. I ran a scan but nothing came up. I tried going to the website to do this, but couldn't find the right spot. Can anyone help? I do use the automatic updates, but apparently this wouldn't be covered by that?
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Apparently I did something.

I don't know what I did, but now my screen display is a quarter of the size of the screen. It's surrounded by black. The windows and the task bar and everything are shrunk down and in the middle of the screen.

I don't particularly care how I did it - but how do I fix it?


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