May. 26th, 2010 07:18 am
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Madonna had just died. I was at her apartment talking to her fashion design team. They needed new ideas so they asked me. I suggested a "look" based on my goth sensibilities. Everyone was very impressed. The look was created and deemed worthy. Then I woke up.
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A woman came to see me in my college dorm. She said she would not rent a room to me because I had no morals. Apparently this had to do with some argument we had had. She gave back my deposit in cash.

I said, "Okay, well, I have to come up with a place to live in eight months. But - no morals? Really? I think about morality all the time!"

There was one other problem that I needed to solve, and there were also small (non-problematic) glowing blue spheres in the room. On the plus side, I knew with my deposit back I could rent another room.

Soundtrack to this dream: "High Hopes," that old kids' song. "he had high hopes, high hopes, he had, high apple pie in the sky hopes"
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In my dream I was at a baby workshop with a client and her baby. Her husband was away doing something military. She said she had been feeling very overwhelmed and really wanted some extra help. Could I help her with the baby for the next few days? I said yes. She gave me the baby. Then I discovered she was planning to stay at the workshop and expected me to drive back to her house with the baby. I said I couldn't drive, so she asked her friend to drive us. [livejournal.com profile] mrpet was there for some reason and she wanted to stay and chat with him instead of coming back with me and the baby. I volunteered to accompany her to a post-partum conference - it would be really good for me, I thought - and she said she would think about it. The baby wrapped one arm and then the other tightly around my neck. I remembered that I had said I would spend the next few days with a friend and realized that now, I was double-booked.

I hear you loud and clear, subconscious.


Aug. 7th, 2009 07:20 am
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At the party, everyone was having a good time.  The wine was red and tasty.  People were playing board games.

A red-haired woman tried to chop down the magic tree with the satellites on it because she was angry.  The healers were watching her, though, and healed the tree.  She said, "But I weakened it enough!"  They made her hair grow and used it to replace the lost parts of the tree.

Soundtrack to this dream: "Papa's On the Housetop"
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I dreamed I was in college and taking an exam with C, my Friday night yoga teacher. There were four questions, you had to pick one. One of the questions was something I had studied just that day - the significance of Galileo having two different outfits he wore when painting, one court outfit and one peasant outfit. In the dream, this was pertinent to many aspects of his art and double life.
It was actually a pretty okay dream, for being about a test. But I forgot that I was taking it and left the test and all my notes in a classroom, had to go back and find them. Everyone was very patient about it though.
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I was an official in an army forming to defend Hogwarts from dark forces. It was definitely the Potterverse. My jobs were to use my empathy to connect to and inspire people and one I had volunteered for, to work with an Emergency Brigade of people who had never been in combat situations and didn't think that their magical powers were necessarily very combat-applicable. I asked for a show of hands for people who had used their powers before for sneaking around, and another show of hands for people who had used their powers for pranks. I explained that the sneaky people would be doing scouting missions which could be dangerous. I explained that pranks were basically guerrilla tactics on a smaller scale – anything that you can use to make the enemy embarassed, uncomfortable, or mad is going to be helpful. I had the spooks work out their own hierarchy and recruit their own new members, and I had the pranks people form a committee to run the other group, with a secretary to record ideas and a moderator to keep things from getting out of hand. I said you might think pranks are irrelevant to dark forces, but it isn't true. “When you ride a seven-foot tall black firebreathing horse and call out 'I AM THE DARK LORD!' you take your dignity very seriously. We're going to upset that dignity.”

There wasn't enough time for everyone to introduce themselves, which concerned me, I told them to be strong and think about what they were fighting for. I told another “senior officer” that it was definitely going to be a rout, I just wasn't sure in which direction. We feared the possibility of an overwhelming numerical advantage on the other side, but we were determined to do what we could. I got a badge that said City Woman of the Year because I wasn't from Hogwarts. I resented it a bit – I wanted an official position – but it was true I wasn't part of the school.

Soundtrack to this dream - Rockstar


May. 11th, 2009 09:19 am
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I dreamed that I was working at a library. G, a guy I used to work with, came by to see me. He smiled and he looked so sweet and appealing. He kissed me and it felt amazing. I told him to take me to dinner that night and he said okay.

Then I went back to the library, where I was slicing sausage.

Soundtrack to this dream: "Angeline" by Martin Sexton
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I lived in a big city - I thought it was NYC, but it seemed to be a futuristic version. The buildings were very, very tall, and some of the elevator floors opened out into fields. I had a golden dog with me who seemed to be mine. I was trying to get away from someone with bad intentions towards me.

Soundtrack to this dream: "Call Me Al" by Paul Simon
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I dreamed I was visiting a friend somewhere very queer, though it wasn't actually Ptown in a way I recognized. It turned out that one of her lovers was a queer blond guy I had known years and years ago. (In reality I don't know who this would be, I can't think of any queer blond guys from my past.) I had always wanted him and we went to bed together in a temporary house. He was warm and willing and we were practicing safer sex. He had never been with a girl before (been a while since I took that particular ride). He was shy but kept smiling at me.

Once the carpenters had finished taking down the house, we all went outside. I had a Honey-safe cookie and I shared pieces with him. There were lots of other queer people around. A double spiral dance was starting. My back was pressed against a woman in a belly dancing outfit, and we were all singing together as we danced into the sunshine.

Soundtrack to this dream "You Get What You Give" - New Radicals, "Spiralling Into the Center" - pagan chant


Mar. 18th, 2009 08:53 am
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I dreamed that I was with a certain couple that I know. :) Just as things were starting to get interesting (and naked!) the scene changed to an Indian wedding. Everyone was dancing through a large building, wearing bright colors. I put on a yellow dress and a pink top and joined the dance. There were also special wedding cakes, muffin-sized, but there weren't quite enough for everyone... you had to have a source.
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For me, a typical college dream. I am on campus but I don't have my class schedule. Classes have already started. I am searching for my campus ID and my mailbox key through boxes and boxes of papers. My schedule should be in the mailbox. The room I'm in sleeps four or six, unlike the small dorms we had. I walk through the dorm, worrying about the classes that I am missing. Dinner is being served in the dining hall.

I swear, college was a great and very exciting time for me. I don't know why all my dreams about it are like this.
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I dreamed about W again.

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When I woke up, I was more sorry that I hadn't really found W than I was glad that I wasn't actually a murder suspect. Sigh.

a dream

Jan. 24th, 2009 07:26 am
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First, I was in college. I found out from my mom that the person I thought of as my dad was not my actual dad. Who was my actual dad?.... Dick Cheney. I heard on the radio that it was being discovered that he had many illegitimate children, so in the dream it seemed plausible.

Then, I was back at home. [livejournal.com profile] mrpet had come home. He was asleep in his room with a newscast on, there was light and noise. I went into his bed and snuggled up to him.

Soundtrack to this dream: "Tearing You Apart" by Journey

My mind is mysterious.
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I didn't want to really hang onto these dreams so here are short summaries.

Yesterday morning I dreamed that the gym found something out about me and took away my membership. They took my yoga ball too. Boo!

This morning I dreamed that I got into a car with a strange guy who turned out to be a fundamentalist. He was kidnapping me for his cult, and he had the local police and media on his side. I couldn't get away.

Thanks, subconscious.


Nov. 28th, 2008 07:50 am
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In my dream I was drinking a strawberry drink - whole frozen strawberries and tart thin yogurt - kind of like a chunky lassi. And I dreamed about my mom, and going to a thrift store, where perhaps I was trying on pants.

Soundtrack to this dream: "You Make Me Live" by Queen

I should buy some strawberries. I am dedicated to eating locally grown food, but not through the winter - my need to eat fresh produce every day for health reasons is incompatible with that until we have hydroponics.

odd dream

Nov. 17th, 2008 07:09 am
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I specifically chose not to jump out of bed and write down all the details, because they were disturbing.

- I was fighting with the family that I lived with, who were long-lost relatives or something.
- I was wearing a pink babydoll Tshirt.
- I was working in a used bookstore.
- I was a dogwalker for Koji, who, in fact, is a dog who lives near me (but doesn't take many walks anymore that I can tell).
- While taking him with me to work, I met an animal control officer and then together we met a bear. I remembered hearing that bears like it when you sing, so I started singing "Come Away With Me," which moved the animal control officer to tears. We sang "River" together and then he went to go deal with the bear.
- I was called into the principal's office, and she had received a job application from someone homeless who knew an acquaintance of mine. She wanted to know if I was queer, and the implication was that she was considering firing me because of these things.

Weirdness. It was definitely an anxiety dream - I was sweating and worried when I woke up. But about what?
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The dream started with the humans landing on a place like New Caprica.

Then the humans split into three factions that wanted to live on different parts of the planet. I was in charge of one that wanted to live in/by the water. Another group wanted to live in the forests and/or mountains. The third group wanted to stay with the ships and was run by [livejournal.com profile] bearsir. Despite all that he and I tried to do to keep people amicable and talking to each other in a council format, there was a lot of fighting between the groups. Eventually, my group was mostly wiped out, including my little sister (who was sick and needed to live planetside). I took a few children back to the ships, which were protected. [livejournal.com profile] bearsir took me in. He said he knew I wouldn't have been able to come back until my sister died. "Yes," I said. "She just couldn't live on a ship."

The remaining group that had control of the planet's surface thought that peace would make us weak and it was important to keep fighting each other. With my group gone they would have started trying to get through or around the ship's protections. We knew we would have to leave them behind, despite all our efforts.

Soundtrack to this dream: "Who Knew?" - Pink


Nov. 9th, 2008 06:52 am
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I was with [livejournal.com profile] trouble4hire and [livejournal.com profile] teratomarty. I was worrying about not knowing where my handfasting ring was. We were at a scuzzy little restaurant bar with its own vampire. The vampire was really threatening. Eventually we left, then [livejournal.com profile] teratomarty said he needed to go back and use the bathroom. "Couldn't we just find another place to go?" I asked. But then it was too late - the vampire had seen we were still there and came out. I don't remember all of the details but somehow [livejournal.com profile] trouble4hire talked him down - I think she just showed him she wasn't afraid of him, and he sort of... calmed down.

I woke up sweating and convinced that my handfasting ring was in the pocket of my purple bathrobe. (It really has been missing.) It wasn't.

Soundtrack to this dream: "Too Much Time On My Hands"
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I dreamed about W again. He and I and [livejournal.com profile] trouble4hire were all at a gym. I was supposed to take a bosu class but I missed it - the gym we were at was the wrong one. Then we were at a reception. I was wearing a fancy kimono. There were long pieces of wood, like double-pointed knitting needles, holding it together in the back - occaisionally one would fall out. There were people there we didn't trust. We got on a train.

In the dream I knew (at least a little bit) that W wasn't in my life anymore. I stayed in it as long as I could to be with him.

Soundtrack to this dream: "Locomotion"


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