Nov. 6th, 2010 08:33 pm
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The cats are starting to get settled into their new home, although they still find the dog very confusing. My new bed has a space in between it and the wall, all the way around. I am referring to this space as the Kitty 500. Hearing them run AROUND you in the middle of the night is odd.

Crystal litter does seem to really work at keeping the smell down. Who knew? Certainly not me. It's pricey, but the benefits are worth it.

Finally, the past few nights it has sounded like my frisky felines were playing soccer with a ping-pong ball. Today I discovered that this is because they WERE playing soccer with a ping-pong ball. I took the ping-pong ball away and hopefully will be able to sleep better.
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The surgery went well and they needed to do less than they expected. He seems to be feeling better than he did before they did the work. The only remaining problem is that N thinks he smells funny and they're hissing at each other a lot. That, and that we have to give him antibiotics for a week. Sigh.
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Mr P is having surgery today. His teeth need to be cleaned and some might need to be removed. Please send good thoughts.
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This morning I woke up to the sound of Nightshade crying. "Weeeek," she went, "Weeek!!"

I called her into the room but was still very groggy. She got in bed with me for a minute and then went back out in the kitchen. "Weeeeeek!"

When I attained a more complete state of consciousness I went to check on her. She normally doesn't make that kind of noise and she seemed distressed. She came over to me, let me pet her, rubbed on my shins. She seemed okay, so I went back to bed. The noise continued.

Finally, I had the Eureka moment. Pretzel had snuck into the basement and been locked down there. She was crying because he was stuck on the other side of the kitchen door. She's such a good sister.
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Two stories of Nightshade from this week.

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I have a lot of posts in my head today. I know it's kind of a feast or famine blog. Sorry about that.

Two things about Nightshade from yesterday. First, yesterday is the first time she ever saw snow! She was born this summer. She was rapt staring at it out the window. She looked like she wanted to pounce on those big fluffy white things and find out if they were good to eat. Are they moths? Are they small birds?

Second - she has become so vocal. She definitely shows her Siamese when she talks, there's a lot of "MOW!" "MRAAAAH!" "MEH!" Last night I kicked her out of my room because she was playing in such a way that made it impossible to sleep (first chewing papers, then batting a hairclip against the radiator repeatedly) and so she stood outside the door yelling for probably an hour.

Bonus Nightshade tidbit: She is really huge now. She's about half the size of Pretzel, instead of fitting on top of my arm.
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Sometimes while playing, Nightshade bites her own tail and legs.

I can't actually tell if this is because she gets confused and forgets they are hers, or if she gets so excited that even though she DOES remember they are hers, she doesn't care. Third possibility - we could have a masochist kitty on our hands, to go with our cat that likes being spanked.*

*For those of you who have not met Pretzel, please do not be alarmed. He's just a really odd cat, and if you pat his butt, he sticks it way up in the air and purrs madly.
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The kitten has been gracious enough to accept a use-name of Nightshade. We'll see whether it becomes permanent. I must have tried dozens of names before finding a favorable response, including such charmers (or so I thought) as Beatnik, Ace, and Indigo Montoya. [ profile] csixballistics says that cats like I and O sounds best, so maybe that is part of why.

The cats are more interested in each other's company at this point than they are in the company of humans, so playing with them is now more for fun than a matter of a desperate need for attention.
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Here are things the kitten likes:

- running under the bed and then just sticking her head back out
- having her chin and neck scratched
- scrambling up things
- MOUSEY MOUSEY RABBIT FUR MOUSEY BEST TOY EVAR (if it lasts a week I will be simply shocked)
- toes (she mostly doesn't attack them, she just likes to smell and nuzzle them)
- sudden directional changes
- heads (she was very amused playing with [ profile] trouble4hire's head yesterday, and mine in the middle of the night)
- my bunny slippers
- cheese (I brought some into the room to eat and she really wanted it, though of course I didn't give her any)
- the cat on the other side of the door
- dirty Kleenex (this makes my room pretty much a paradise for her, to be honest)
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Well, the still-unnamed new cat is still doing very well. She's gotten much more comfortable with new people and being handled. She no longer runs away when you open the door to my room, though she still doesn't seem interested in going out. The room is safe space to her now, which of course is the point.

We had a supervised visit between her and the P-Man this evening. We put him in my room and let him sniff all around, and took her on a guided tour of the apartment. She seemed nervous but not panicked, so we kept her in arms while she met our other roommate and looked around. The cats saw each other on the way in and out, each held by one of us. There was no hissing or growling, which after just a few days, seems like a really great sign. We will give them another supervised visit tomorrow night and see how it goes.

Pretzel seems a little bit off today. He's been sulking a bit (lying down pointedly with his back to us and his fur up), hiding under the couch a bit, and didn't eat all his food. Some of this could be side effects from him getting into the kitten food yesterday while we weren't watching. Whoops! At other points he's been very active, so we're not very concerned yet - just cautious. We're playing with him a lot and reassuring him a lot so he can see his new roommate as a positive thing. A little stress seems reasonable, and he doesn't like the heat much either, so it may not be anything serious. Hopefully all will continue to go well.

new kitten

Jul. 31st, 2009 11:02 am
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Yesterday, this adorable, curious cat had no home.

Apparently, several people had not wanted her because she was a black cat. (Oh no, not the spooky! Fools.)

Now she is running around my room like she owns the place. She is interested in everything, but especially in the cat on the other side of the door, and playing. Playing playing playing! My bed, chair, and windowsill make a great obstacle course.

The picture is the one the shelter was using. More will be forthcoming. We got her through the Kitty Connection Inc, and they were super friendly and helpful without being pushy. They have a special adoption event tomorrow, with many cats and kittens and some dogs. If you need a new friend in your life I suggest checking them out.

Mr Stripey is doing very well with the new addition to the household. They enjoyed meeting each other. We are keeping them separated and giving him extra attention for a week before we introduce them again. They are playing through the door at this very moment - curious paws! She likes him even better than her catnip mouse.

She doesn't have a name yet. We try to let our cats pick their own names. I have tried out Gigi and Rune with her but she didn't like them. I wouldn't want to give her a cliched black-cat name and [ profile] mrpet and I are strongly opposed to naming pets after deities, but maybe something a little witchy? If she likes it? Any suggestions from the floor?

ETA: I found a list of names for black cats! Neat that someone put that together. Find it behind the cut. Some of them are dumb or cliched but some are interesting or funny. Snowball!

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First of all, the Snack Man is fine. Totally fine.

However, I just learned that our vet is being monitored for having a high number of complaints against him. Sigh.

We like Angell for emergencies, but they are too pricey for regular care. Can anyone suggest a local vet that does cats and doesn't charge the earth?

Thanks kids!
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I know, you guys are probably sick of hearing about this this. Pretzel is still home and he had peed, which is what we need him to do. He seems kind of sleepy and lethargic, which they said was normal. We have sedatives for him as well as something to relax his muscles and antibiotics.

The vet said we should wait four to six weeks before getting another cat (did I already post this part?) and that we should get a kitten, not another adult cat. If a potential roomie wants to move in with a cat we will make do as best we can, otherwise, that'll be the plan.


May. 4th, 2009 05:16 pm
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[ profile] mrpet is on his way to pick up Pretzel right now. He can't bring me with him, for reasons too complex to go into here. But hopefully all will go well.

ETA: Pretzel is home, though not quite back to his normal self yet. He has a UTI, poor thing - I know just how much fun that isn't. We have some medicine to give him and hopefully he'll make a complete recovery.

in memoriam

Apr. 5th, 2009 11:21 am
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“You warriors, here your battles are over,
You workers, here your tasks are done.
You who are hurt, here find healing,
You who are weary, here find rest,
You who are old, here grow young again,
For this is the Shining Isle, the Land of Youth, the Isle of Apples,
Here, what is remembered lives…"

yoga ball

Dec. 6th, 2008 05:07 pm
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I like my new yoga ball. It is medium-sized and green. It is maybe a little small since I am such a tall flower (OF STEEL!).

I have been sitting on it for an hour or two a day. Good use of my stability muscles. And it also encourages me to move around more and stretch while I'm using my computer or reading or whatever.

Both of my cats are afraid of the Big Green Ball of Doom. I am torn between worry that they will puncture it and a secret hope that I could teach Pretzel to balance on top of it as a trick.

That is all.
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New cat accessories. )

Now that I got the new collar, I'm sure that the old one will turn up within the next 24 hours. I'll save it for the next time this happens.
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This weekend, we needed to put the cats in my room. We do this for half a day or night every few months, whenever something is going to be going on that requires the doors being open or unlocked for a substantial period of time (like a get-together, or moving furniture, or moving people...)

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Back when we had Charlie, we used to think that it was hard to do stuff to Pretzel. Hah!

ETA: Oh, yeah. I forgot to mention. This time, it became obvious as a pattern - Pretzel totally loves to go and hide somewhere cryptic after he's been shut up so that we run around like crazy people trying to make sure he didn't somehow get out of the house. Favorite spots for this - sleep under the couch, under a blanket, underneath a chair cover, or in one of our roommates rooms.
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My cat has a cold. :( He keeps sneezing.

I gave him reiki on the couch. If he doesn't seem better in a few days, I might call the vet.

ETA: I remembered my usual first measure with our cats when they're sick, and put GSE in their water. Whenever I do that, I also put live yogurt powder in their food, so they don't run out of flora...
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I noticed yesterday that Suzuki has developed a poochy belly.

I feel very proud and pleased. I could never have envisioned this when we got her - she was so small and thin I considered calling her Ghost. [ profile] 7j thinks that we should keep feeding her until she is fat. Tempting.

In other cat news, tonight Princess Pretzel got into it with the cat belonging to the downstairs neighbors. The cellar doors from each apartment had apparently not quite been latched. The fur was quite literally flying. Pretzel's time in boot camp with Drill Sergeant Ninja Kitty was well spent, though - he managed to come off slightly the better in the engagement, he left a scratch on the other cat's face. Perhaps Suzuki has been teaching him some of her ninja tricks for defeating a cat of larger size.

I'm not convinced it's not just a plot of Her Highness. "Private, your training is complete. I'm sending you out on a dangerous mission. That basement has been a suspected hotbed of Othercat activity. The higher-ups say they've got to know for sure what's going on. I want you to go down there and check it out. Do not engage unless strictly necessary." "Yes, Boss. Whatever you say, Boss."

And then she's sitting on the sidelines, feeling smug while he gets his ass kicked. I tell you, it wouldn't surprise me.

Since then, Pretzel has been staring at the kitchen. I think he's afraid the evil Othercat is going to try to take the fight to his home territory. But if that happened, I'm pretty sure he'd have one pissed-off ninja cat on his side.


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