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While I'm not planning on taking a peanut butter bath anytime soon (ewww!) at this point it looks like peanuts in small doses are no longer a problem for me.

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Here are some dairy-replacement items (and other unusual protein sources) that I have tried in the past week, while on my elimination diet, that I think are quite good. I want to again thank [ profile] trouble4hire for helping me figure these out and encouraging me to pick up as much as I wanted to try out. That was brilliant.

Whole Earth Natural Spread. This is about a gazillion times better than Spectrum. I can hardly tell the difference between that and real butter. Best of all, it melts on toast.
Soya Kaas Monterey Jack Style. This tastes and acts like a processed dairy cheese. Much better than their mozarella style. I would like to try the cheddar.
Homemade whitefish salad. The store kind generally has eggs. I got a package of smoked whitefish, removed skin and bones after some false starts, and blended it with a small amount of water, lime juice, and artichoke pesto. (Postproduction, some oil was also added.) EXTREMELY tasty. I made it to have on bagels but I'm also looking forward to trying it on crackers as a pate.
Soy cream cheese. Frankly, I am positive I could not tell the difference in a blind taste test. Also, it comes in a small container, and I'm happy about that. I think it would make great frosting, too. Vegan carrotcake, anyone?
Soy yogurt. Again, I couldn't tell the difference. Alas, I was unable to find a rice-less version in "plain" flavor to use in savory dishes, but that's life.
Tahini-based babaganoush. Often, I can't have babaganoush because it's based in hummus, and I can't have chickpeas. The tahini kind is safe for me, full of protein, and very very tasty.
Hemp milk. I tried this to replace soymilk, which is where most of the soy used to happen in my diet. Since I'm having a lot of soy in other forms these days, I wanted to try something different. This is different! It is about equivalent to soymilk for stuff like cereal (a more watery texture, like skim milk instead of two percent, but not chalky) and it is better than soymilk in cooking (no chalky taste or texture). So far the only place I'm not happy with it is as a chai base - it seems to not have enough fat for that.

There have been many others, but those have been my favorites so far. I will keep y'all apprised as more come along.


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