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Title: Mother of Winter
Author: Barbara Hambly
Series: Darwath, book 4
Genre: High fantasy with alternate worlds stuff (though here it only manifests in that the two main characters are originally from SoCal).
Setting: The magical kingdom of Darwath, where an ice age is in progress and the war with the Dark nearly destroyed civilization.
Reason for Reading: I enjoyed the first three books when I read them.
Finished In: Weeks, mostly because it was packed in a box and I couldn't find it when I wanted to pick it up again.
Pages: 323
Copyright Date: 1996
Cover: A woman holding a bowl. Blue lines of light emanate from it. She has blue filigree tattoos on her arms and bald head.
First line: "In the moonstone dawn, the lone rider dismounted at the top of the steps, passed through the black square open eye where the doors would one day be, and halted on the edge of the shadowed abyss."
Themes: Evolution, mutation, betrayal, religious intolerance, food, and a few more things I won't mention for spoilers.
Best part: The villain/problem in this book I actually found much more compelling than I did the Dark. Creepier and also easier to understand.
Worst part: At several points and with some of the problems the characters faced, I found myself wondering "Why don't they go back to California, which they are able to do, and get the stuff they need and come back with it?"
Imaginary Theme Song: Hey, ho, nobody home.
Grade: C
Recommended for: Fans of the series will want to see what happens to Gil and Rudy after their last adventure.
Related Reads: The Coming of the Dark by the same author.


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