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Title: Daughters of an Amber Noon
Author: Katherine V. Forrest
Series: Daughters of a Coral Dawn #2
Genre: Feminist sf. Lesbian, aliens, matriarchy.
Setting: A desert on Earth.
Reason for Reading: I enjoyed Daughters of a Coral Dawn and heard from a friend (I think it was [ profile] dalbino83 that the latter books in the series got even better.
Finished In: Days
Pages: 232
Copyright Date: 2002, though it reads like a much older book.
Cover: A dune with blue sky above.
First line: "It has been the eternity of twenty-four hours since the penultimate day in the existence of our Unity."
Best part: The plot twist near the end, which kind of blew my mind and which I didn't see coming at all.
Worst part: I still feel like Forrest makes it very easy on herself when it comes to characterizing men. Has she never had a moment's doubt? She admits in this work and the previous one that gay men are okay, but none of them have been characters in either book.
Imaginary Theme Song: "Testimony" by Ferron
Grade: C+. I didn't love it but it did make me think.
Recommended for: Those interested in sf with the consensus model, single-sex environments, and unconventional societies.
Related Reads: Daughters of a Coral Dawn by the same author, The Mero Tree by Katie Waitely, Companion to Wolves by Elizabeth Bear and Sarah Monette.


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