Jul. 31st, 2011

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Title: Heaven and Earth
Author: Nora Roberts
Series: Three sisters trilogy
Genre: Fantastic romance (NOT sexy pentacle tattoo!)
Setting: Three Sisters Island, off the coast of Massachusetts.
Reason for Reading: I liked the first book, Dance Upon the Air, a lot.
Finished In: Days
Pages: According to amazon.com, it's 368. Pagination doesn't seem to correspond terribly well on my ebook reader though.
Copyright Date: 2003
Cover: Just a picture of a capsized boat.
First line: "Sand, frosted with cold, crunched under her feet as she ran along the curving shore."
Epigraph: "Swift as a shadow, short as any dream; / Brief as the lightning in the collied night, / That in a spleen unfolds both heaven and earth, / And ere a man hath power to say "Behold!" / The jaws of darkness do devour it up: / So quick bright things come to confusion."
Themes: Witches, magic, law enforcement, romance, islands, family, self-acceptance.
Best part: I liked the character of Mac, the paranormal investigator who is Ripley's love interest. (Though I can't help but notice a common theme in Nora's male leads - Zack, Mac, Jack, and Sam in the four books of hers I've read. One of these things is not like the other ones... )
Worst part: The "villain" in this didn't convince me much.
Imaginary Theme Song: "She Blinded Me With Science"
Grade: C+
Recommended for: Fans of the series and the author, who will read it anyway.
Related Reads: Dance Upon the Air, first book in the series, and Northern Light by the same author. Running Hot by Jayne Ann Krentz. I know, same as I suggested for the last one in the series. Sorry about that.
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Title: Hangman's Holiday
Author: Dorothy L. Sayers
Series: Lord Peter Wimsey, in theory. In practice, four of the stories are about Wimsey, six are about traveling salesman Montague Egg, and the final two are stand-alones. I found that a let-down.
Genre: Classic mystery, anthology.
Setting: Varies, but all in or before the 1930's.
Reason for Reading: I am on a mystery kick.
Finished In: Days
Pages: 288
Copyright Date: 1933
Cover: Plain bright yellow, with the title and the author's name.
First line: "The little man with the cow-lick seemed so absorbed in the book that Wimsey had not the heart to claim his property, but, drawing up the other arm-chair and placing his drink within easy reach, did his best to entertain himself with the Dunlop Book, which graced, as usual, one of the tables in the lounge."
Themes: "There's a perfectly reasonable explanation for this!" Marriage, family, books.
Best part: I enjoyed the LPW stories.
Worst part: I hated Montague Egg, traveling wine salesman, with a fiery passion.
Imaginary Theme Song: "Danse Macabre"
Grade: C-
Recommended for: Honestly, if I had it to do again I would just read the four Wimsey stories. So, if you don't mind reading just part of a book...?
Related Reads: Strong Poison is still my favorite in this series.


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